Technical – Tactical – Physical – Mental coaching & support for Bucks Cricket's high performing & potential cricketers.

Aimed predominantly at Boys U14-U16 and Girls U13-U16, with additional groups to create an oversupply of players to the EPP & strengthen County Squads.

If you have any questions about the Emerging Players Programme, please contact Rich Hudson at richard.hudson@buckscb.org

Link to First-Class County Academies & Women’s Super League Academies (Southern Vipers)
Saif Zaib (2014, Northants), Adam King (2015, Northants), Brandon Allen (2015, Gloucs) Conner Haddow (2016, Northants) & Tilly Mason (2016, Southern Vipers) have all signed onto academies in recent years, whilst continuing to play age group cricket for Bucks
Saif Zaib (2013), Brandon Allen (2014) and Dominic Goodman (2015) were selected for the ECB South & West U15s for the Bunbury Festival

2016-2017 Programme
Pre-Xmas: Boys Skill Specific Groups, Boys Juniors, Girls & Stowe/North
Post Xmas: Selections onto Boys, Girls Juniors, Boys Juniors & Girls Seniors, Stowe/North & Wicket-Keepers
Summer: Boys U16s/EPP fixtures in July/August. Girls U17s (inc EPP players) fixtures in July/August

The players selected onto the programme will be revisited in December 2016 and again in February 2017.The rate at which young cricketers develop is extremely variable – players will be continually monitored in their squad sessions & during the season to ascertain if being on the programme is right at the time.

November-December 2016
Girls Seam Batting
G12 Gabi Palmer U14 Parvind Dhillon U14 Rahul Randev
G12 Amelia Peck U14 Henry Ferneyhough U14 Joe Weston
G12 Tilly Crampsie U14 Joe Weston U14 Theo Weatherall
G13 Bethan Miles U15 Joel Abbot U15 Joel Abbott
G13 Hannah Davis U15 Ben Jacobs U15 Ben Jacobs
G14 Ella Claridge U15 Ben Harris U16 Usman Khan
G14 Holly Wilson U16 Lawrence Snookes U16 Harvind Dhillon
G14 Cara Duggan U16 Harvind Dhillon U16 Lawrence Snookes
G14 Sarah Timmins U17 Nouman Aslam
G15 Hannah Dawbarn Spin U17 Henry Moore
G15 Alexa Wilson B17 Nouman Aslam Stowe
G15 Hannah Bates B16 Sharky Iqbal U14 Jack Mercer
G15 Hattie Moore B16 Usman Khan U15 George Holmes
G15 Hannah Francis B16 Kian Bains U15 Oliver Taylor
G16 Tilly Mason B15 Joe Masih U16 Thomas Worrall
Junior B15 James Dalby U15 Ed Snushall
B11 Sam Strauss B14 Charles Davies B14 Ethan Turner
B11 Aadi Sharma
B12 Ben Wells WKS TBC for 2017 Other EPP Players
B12 Raphael Weatherall B16 Dominic Goodman
B12 Kahil Jariwala B16 Jack Rodnight

B16 Marcus Critchley
B12 Eisah Saba B15 Solly Woodall
B13 Bhavan Jeyanathan B14 Harry Petrie
B13 Ted Jeffery
B13 Tom Whittington 
B13 Jai Angell
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